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Exotic Pop King Comb's Wave Juice

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Born into music royalty, Christian “King” Combs is no stranger to the
hip hop lifestyle. He has been walking the runways, acting and rapping
since his early teens. The youngest son of Sean “Puffy” Combs and late
model Kimberly Porter is leading the sibling clan with his music career.
Christian officially signed to Bad Boy Records in 2016, gearing up to
take the baton with his own bravado.
Christian Combs along with Exotic Pop created Wave Juice. This wave
juice is suave and refreshingly smooth. It offers a short gush of tartness,
followed by the sweet surge of raspberry and promises to leave you
feeling so wavy.
The debut of Wave Juice fit perfectly with the release of his hot single
Surf featuring a custom Exotic Pop Wave Juice soda cooler in music
video. With the release of his EP receiving high fanfare, this is just the tip
of the iceberg for what’s to come from this rising star.
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