About Us

The power of urban hip hop cultures ability to influence lifestyle has been the key to authentically creating a new culture. A new breed of connoisseurs have been born who value the creative time and effort put into creating a product that represents the array of interesting art, music, fashion and history of various cultural staples around the world. The  legendary music artists commemorated with custom soda from Exotic Pop along with authentic artwork on the label, that adds to the unique mystique of the soda, culture and artist of what they gifted to Hip Hop will appear in the artwork. These are the classic soda pop drinks collectors and many consumers will appreciate and value about the brand that will make it a household name when the original Exotic Pop flavors enter the market. This new soda concept to market is bound to be an easy sell and a market breath of fresh air. Don’t second guess what can be an instant success. Inquire now about all of our Exotic Pop Signature Sodas and Originals coming to market this winter