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Exotic Pop Big Moe Bar Yar Grape Soda

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Kenneth Doniell Moore better known as Big Moe, was a music legend
and pioneer of the Drank Movement in Houston, TX. He is well known for
his influence on the rap culture in the city. His music changed the game
while his lean-sipping lifestyle crowned Houston as the City of Syrup.
Big Moe, also known as the Barre Baby began his career in Houston’s
Third Ward. As one of the founding members of the Screwed Up Click,
he signed with Wreckshop Records and released his debut album. His
combination of melodic rapping and singing was unprecedented. This
unique style earned him several awards and a No. 3 album on Billboard’s
Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums chart.
Big Moe was a Houston icon long before his untimely death in 2007 at
the age of 33. His mother aka Mama Moe, played a large role in Big
Moe pursuing his dream and his legacy. He continues to live on through
his music and will always be a celebrated piece of Houston rap history.
In 2019, with the approval of Mama Moe, Exotic Pop created a soda to
commemorate what would have been the 45th birthday of late artist. The
Big Moe Bar Yar soda has a light fizzy, but syrupy, grape taste. It is bold,
robust, and tastes like the “purple stuff” which Big Moe has popularized.
Welcome to the purple world!
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